Do you dream of being a recognised author?


Let's get your message to the people who need to hear it!

Have you always dreamt of writing a book? Do you have a story to inspire other people or do you have some knowledge that could help them live better, healthier lives? But you just haven't found the time or motivation to write your book?

Join us for a 6 week programme to finally write your book! During the programme, you will get the support, the clarity and the push you need to put your words to paper.

Writing a book will:

  • give you expert status
  • give people the inspiration and knowledge to improve their lives
  • be a great business card for you to grow your business if you have or want to start one
  • give you an extra source of income
  • earn you the respect of family & friends
  • give you the opportunity to make the world a better place

You are a woman with a message, let's help you get your message across to those who need to hear it.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your name on a book!

The 'Write Your Book in 6 Weeks' Bootcamp

How it works...

Access to 6 training modules to provide structure, improve writing skills & provide motivation.
You will gain clarity on your message, your target audience and your unique point of view which will make your book irresistible.
Weekly homework designed to get your book written.
You will get an accountability partner to give you continuous feedback and support on your work.
Access to your host & all participants within a private Facebook group.
Guidance on publishing & marketing your book.

There is a book in you waiting to be freed! Let's make it happen...

The bootcamp will run for 6 weeks

(you will have lifetime support and access to the programme so that you can write as many books as you want!)

Your investment is $197

Think of all those people whose lives you’ll touch with your words!

Your Host


"I love writing because sharing my knowledge and experience makes a difference to other people.
You too have a story and message and someone out there is waiting to hear it!

 Don't listen to that voice in your ear saying you are not ready or you are too busy.
You can do it and the time is now!"

Bridget Osho, Founder of The Cherie Mamma Institute Author of 5 books and counting!.