Create a Lifestyle that Nourishes You with this Self-Care Planner

(even with a demanding job and a growing family).

You have just had a really long day at work and as soon as you walk in to your home, you notice that the dishes haven't been done. Your kids have left their toys on the floor (again) and you still have to prepare dinner. You instantly feel overwhelmed. You are happy to see your kids and husband but you wish you could come in and put your feet up instead.

You know you should be grateful that you have a job and a beautiful family but instead you are feeling a little resentful (just a little!) of all the work that comes with it. That makes you feel guilty especially when your husband reaches for you after a long day and you pretend to asleep because you are just really exhausted. I mean, where does he expect you to get the strength from?! You are just hoping that the kids will sleep well tonight and you don't have to stay up with them.

You deserve to have a beautiful family and a great career and still feel happy and content. This self-care planner goes beyond helping you to find some 'me' time. It helps you to create a life that truly nourishes you at every level. It will help you:

  • create a balance between your tasks and your personal needs.
  • identify what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go.
  • create a deep spiritual life as the foundation of a happy life.
  • fit everything into your life in a way that tackles overwhelm.

It comes with a free guide to help you create the foundation for caring for a beautiful family and a hugely successful career. You can download the planner for free!

Please note that it comes in a pdf format and you can either print it out or edit using a pdf writer.