PCOS Workshop

Regulate Your Periods & Ovulation Naturally for a Healthy Pregnancy

Date: 28th of October

Time: 10am - 1pm

Venue: Online

Cost: £147

You want to have a baby but you have been diagnosed with PCOS. This means that your periods and ovulation might not be regular and your egg quality might be poor. 

This workshop will give you the training you need to get your menstrual cycle on track naturally for a healthy conception.


During this workshop you will:

Understand your fertility from a natural and holistic point of view & why nothing has worked so far.
Learn effective natural & holistic ways to easily regulate PCOS and have your burning questions answered.
Create your own personal care plan that you can use to regulate your periods & ovulation in 90 days or less!

Hi, I am Bridget and I have been teaching the natural fertility approach for several years.  As you know, a healthy menstrual cycle is essential not only for conception but a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 women have PCOS and struggle to have kids because  PCOS affects the menstrual cycle. It is not uncommon to have only a few periods a year or even completely absent ovulation. More unfortunately, medications do not always resolve these problems. 

The great news is that you can take control of your body and support it naturally. It is possible to manage PCOS for more regular periods, ovulation and better egg quality all of which makes getting pregnant a lot easier.

You have probably already read so many articles and books on PCOS and they have left you overwhelmed and spinning your wheels. In this workshop, you leave all the guesswork behind and get a clear personal plan that will work for you.

The natural strategies that you will learn are simple things you can include in your already busy day like your diet, massages, acupressure and so much more. It has worked so many women and it can work for you too! You have been purposefully created by God and your body is an incredible vessel to help you fulfill your call to motherhood. I'll be honoured to help you on your journey.

I can't wait to meet you and help you create your personal care plan!

Bridget Osho

Holistic Fertility Therapist & Founder of Cherie Mamma

Testimonials From Our Past Clients


Christianne B. (Dorset, UK)

"Just had a wonderful workshop with Bridget Osho. I am feeling so positive about the changes I can make to my life, thank you so much for your patience and advice. You're a star! I am excited to get started X"

Emma M. (Derby, UK)

"I have just had the workshop with Bridget and found it very helpful and insightful. I want to thank her for taking the time to talk to me and for giving me some helpful advice. I have a new positive outlook and I will be actioning everything that we have spoken about right away. I can't wait to get started."

Idara B. (Lagos, Nigeria)

"This project was novel to me, but I decided to give it a try despite my doubts...now I can tell you this programme is excellent! In six short weeks, I have learnt so much about my myself (mind), my environment and my body - things I didnt know but should have! Every aspect of the masterclass is engaging, impactful and easy to understand. The clincher for me is that Bridget brings you the facts from the standpoint of God's view for womanhood...this is a super well-rounded masterclass! I'm a glad participant of the Balance Your Hormones Masterclass and heartily recommend it to every woman!

Treasure F. (Lagos, Nigeria)

"Bridget has a burning passion for women being able to naturally conceive as designed by the Creator. I have been blessed to have worked with her and her ability to reach places one would not have looked helped me in finding the needed peace to understand things clearly. I have become healthier since following her plan and my cycle which was messed up after birth control has been regulated. Also, my PMS has greatly improved. I look forward now to sharing my conception and birth stories with everyone soon. Thank you Bridget, for following your heart! "

Our workshops are conducted in small intimate groups online.  You will have the opportunity to learn, ask questions and be heard! 

After the workshop, you will also have a full month support in the Cherie Mamma Academy - a private Facebook group - where you will be able to ask any questions and continuously learn to put your care plan into practice for results.


Please email babies@cmonlineacademy.com if you have any questions or if you are not able to sign up online. We will respond within 24 hours.