Heal from Pregnancy Loss and Create the Family + Life of Your Dreams


Get the support you need to 'have it all' with the New Eve Natural Fertility Programme

You know you are called to be a mum, to create a family and make an impact in the world with your gifts. Yet just when you thought you were going to be a mum, you lost your little angel. Since then you have been to the doctors, taken supplements, maybe even charted your cycles but nothing seems to be happening.

You are in the right place because here we are committed to helping women heal from pregnancy loss to build their family and create the life they have always dreamt of. We take a slightly different approach from other fertility approaches...

We believe that conception, pregnancy & childbirth are part of a natural process; and would occur successfully if the conditions are right. Every woman requires an optimal natural balance to create the right conditions for a successful pregnancy. However this natural balance can be compromised by factors such as 

  • genetic problems, 
  • environmental factors, 
  • work & relationship stress, 
  • poor food quality
  • and these can be made even worse by pregnancy loss which affect our body, minds and emotions.

Medicines & supplements are not always enough. You need to be at your best emotionally, mentally & physically to heal from pregnancy loss & become a mum again!

When you are trying to get pregnant especially after pregnancy loss, it is essential that your emotions, your thoughts and your body are on the same page. 

Your emotions influence your body by means of hormones.

Your thoughts not only influence your emotions but they affect your body cells directly.

This means that you cannot afford to focus only on your diet and supplements even though they are also important.

When you create a lifestyle that not only allows you to thrive but enhances your natural balance, conception becomes much easier.

It is no longer a question of whether a woman can have it all & still be a good mum; a woman needs to have it all in order to be a good mum.

You can have the lifestyle that helps you to heal naturally from pregnancy loss and become a mum again.

With the New Eve Natural Fertility Programme, you can create a transformational lifestyle that would help you regain the optimal natural balance that is essential for a successful pregnancy. It will empower you to become the best you can be so that from a place of optimal health & happiness you can conceive and give birth to your baby.

We can help you create a transformational lifestyle that would not only help you heal naturally from pregnancy loss but help you to conceive & give birth to your baby.

The New Eve Natural Fertility Programme

It is a 6 week online programme you can access from anywhere and you get lifetime support for as long as you need it.

Weekly Breakdown of the Programme

Week 1: Creating the right foundation: During this week, we will help you release anxiety, guilt and grief from pregnancy. You will be able to accept and embrace your role as the mother of an angel baby.

Week 2: Healing through diet: During this week, we will help you create the right combination foods unique to you. The New Eve Diet is specially designed for conception after pregnancy loss. By the end of this week, you will have your nutritious meal plans and shopping lists ready.

Week 3: Reclaiming your natural rhythm: Each of us have our daily and monthly rhythm and we will help you identify yours. Having the best rhythm is necessary for your mind and body to work at their best and improve your fertility. We will also show you natural strategies like massages and acupressure that would help you to enhance your natural rhythm.

Week 4: Reconnecting with your partner: Pregnancy loss and trying to conceive afterwards can cause a big strain on the best relationships. During this week, we will help to connect with your partner for a more beautiful relationship. We will also show you how to create a fertility plan for him that he would be excited to follow.

Week 5: Building a career that works for you: This week we will help you to make your work more fertility friendly. We will also show you how to renew the spark you have for chosen job and career as well achieving that elusive work-life balance.

Week 6: Putting it all together: During this week, we will be showing you how to put everything together to create a lifestyle that doesn't only help you to heal but will help you to enjoy your life and best of all have a healthy conception.

We would love to continue supporting you even after the 6 weeks are over so when you enroll for the programme, you will also be given lifetime support in the New Eve Members Club. We will support you from pre-conception until you've had your baby!

What you get with the New Eve Natural Fertility Programme
Weekly access to the 6 modules of the programme described above
Timely support of Bridget Osho - the founder of the Cherie Mamma Institute & the Cherie Mamma team. No question is too small.
The connection with other programme members; women who like you want to build their families after pregnancy loss
Access to teachings on the New Eve Fertility Method in the form of videos, audios, live webinars and workshops
Monthly and weekly prompts to guide you to make quick progress in health, career & relationships
Live group calls to get your questions answered live.

When you join the programme, you will be instantly welcomed into a family of women who get you, understand what you have been through and are also determined to create the family and life they want. 

Don't do this on your own. You deserve to get some support and we are ready to support you from preconception through childbirth!

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Please email babies@cmonlineacademy.com if you have any questions or if you are not able to sign up online. We will respond within 24 hours.