Heal from Pregnancy Loss + Build the Best Foundation for Your Next Pregnancy


Get the tools & support you need to have a healthy pregnancy with the New Eve Natural Fertility Programme


You know you are called to be a mum, to create a family and make an impact in the world with your gifts. Yet just when you thought you were going to be a mum, you lost your little angel. It was a very devastating experience to lose the cherished dream of carrying your baby or seeing them smile.

The doctors have told you that you could try again for another baby and you do want to get pregnant again but it is not happening as quickly as you hoped. You are also very worried that you could lose your pregnancy again and frankly you don't know how how you would be able to cope with another loss. 

While we cannot control the past and bring back your little angel, there is something you can do now to improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy the next time you conceive. You can build the best foundation for your baby and it all starts with you!

You can build the best foundation for your next pregnancy by being at your best emotionally, mentally & physically!


You have been called to be a mum and build a beautiful family. "God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. God blessed them, saying to them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it" (Genesis 1: 27-28). He also looked at his work and saw that it was very good.

Conception, pregnancy & childbirth are part of a natural process you have been created to go through. But this natural process can be compromised by factors such as

  • genetic problems
  • environmental factors
  • work and relationship stress
  • poor food quality
  • and these can be made even worse by pregnancy loss which affect our body, minds and emotions.

Healing from pregnancy loss and reclaiming your God-given femininity will help you to create the best foundation for your baby.

When you become the woman you were created to be, it will be easier to be the mum you were called to be.

The New Eve Natural Fertility Programme

It is a 6 week online programme where you learn & implement natural strategies for a healthy pregnancy after a loss.


Week 1

Remove The Mental Blocks Preventing A Healthy Conception: During this week, we will help you release anxiety, guilt and grief that result from pregnancy loss.

Week 2

Uncover Who You Are Meant To Be: Understand your calling as a woman, your unique gifts, talents, personality, temperament and your health.

Week 3

Understand Your Natural Rhythm: You have your daily and monthly rhythm and this week, you will understand your body, and identify irregularities in your daily rhythm and your menstrual cycle.

Week 4

Eliminate Toxins: You will go through a gentle detox programme to help you get rid of excess toxins in your body and in your environment. This helps to reset your body's natural functions.

Week 5

Heal Through Food: this week you will accelerate your healing with a personalised healing diet & meal plan.

Week 6

Work With Your Partner: During this week, you will connect with your partner for an even more beautiful relationship. You will also create a fertility plan for him that he would be excited to follow.

When you join the programme, you will also have immediate access to the New Eve Members Club - a group of women who get you, understand what you have been through and are also determined to create the family and life they want. You will benefit from live group calls, daily and weekly inspirations to grow your family.

This programme will help you to create the best foundation for a healthy pregnancy regardless of why you lost your previous pregnancy.

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The programme is priceless because we can't put a monetary value on healing from loss and building a strong foundation for your next pregnancy. At its full price of $297, it's already incredible value. But we also know that life happens and we want to encourage you to start your healing now rather than later, that's why we are offering you the programme at $197! We hope that this will encourage to take action on behalf of your dreams now. Ready to build the family God wants you to have?