Have you been trying to conceive but it's just not happening? You feel like you've tried everything you can but nothing seems to be working? Doctors have told you that you should keep trying because there is nothing wrong with you or your husband?

Or maybe you haven't been trying for too long but you know that you will benefit from a plan to make it easier for you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

Your body requires a optimal natural (hormonal) balance for conception. This natural balance goes beyond taking supplements and eating certain foods; it includes taking good care of your body, your mind and emotions. When there are no known medical problems, natural fertility strategies can help you to achieve the natural balance required for a healthy conception.

Medicines & supplements are not always enough. It is easier to conceive if you are at your best emotionally, mentally & physically!

The Natural Preconception programme is a free 5 day programme designed to guide you to a better natural (hormonal) balance  so that you are in a better position to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. You will be shown how to use simple yet effective natural fertility strategies such as nutrition, exercise and fertility massages to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. 

The programme will be delivered to you by email over 5 days and will help you to regain your natural & God-given balance for a healthy conception and pregnancy.