Heal from Pregnancy Loss and Create the Family You are Called to Have

Reclaim your mind, body and emotions after pregnancy loss so that you can conceive easily 

Have you lost your pregnancy? Losing your little angel(s) is a very difficult experience that can stay with you for a very long time. But if you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to heal not just in your body but in your mind and your emotions. This is because your emotions can affect your hormones making it difficult for you to conceive.

It is also important to let go off any anger, guilt and fear that can stay after pregnancy loss making it difficult for to form deep bonds with your new baby and be fully present for your family.  In this course, you will be supported to identify the emotional and mental blocks that typically come with pregnancy loss so that you can become stronger for your family without forgetting your little angel(s).

Because our mind, body and emotions are connected, unresolved problems from pregnancy loss can affect conception.

When you buy this course:

  • You will receive access to a video masterclass that will guide you through identify emotional and mental blocks that you have as a result of your loss
  • You will learn how to release those blocks and embrace your identity as the mother of an angel in heaven.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of how to help yourself to heal so that you can be the woman and mother that God has called you to be.


Your desire to be a mum was given to you by God (Genesis 1: 28). This course will help you to see your pregnancy loss through the eyes of faith.

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