My sisters, we hold the key to improved families and societies. We hold the keys to a better Africa & a better world

God has called every woman to be the best version of themselves. When He created us, He saw that is was very good (emphasis is mine). He gave us just one mandate, just one calling, which is to ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it’ (Genesis 1:28). This ‘dual’ calling was based directly on his perfect creation ‘that was very good’ (Gen 1:31). He already gave us what we needed to achieve it.

I firmly believe that God doesn’t ask us for what we cannot give. He told us to ‘be fruitful multiply, fill the earth and subdue it’ because He knew that He had created us with the means to achieve it. He knew we could have kids and we could assist in His continuous creation by ‘tilling the garden’ (Gen 2:15) and making an impact in the world. 


Why did I write this book?

I have come to a growing realisation that we women need a lot of support. I have seen first-hand evidence from my own life and the lives of women that I have been privileged to work with. We struggle over different things; we struggle to get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies, become wonderful mums, wonderful wives, support our local communities and the wider societies. Over time, we have been led down the path of confusion; we were told we were better off in the kitchen and having babies, next we were told that we need to be CEOs and have brilliant careers. Next, we are made to feel guilty about not having it all sorted; the great body, the wonderful husband, the health and adorable kids and the brilliant jobs etc.


Societies over time have laid heavy burdens on us and their expectations are high. In addition, we sometimes also carry the burden of feeling inferior to men. Regardless of this, I know that women are crucial to the world. We are not sex objects, we are not baby manufacturers or inferior human beings; we are jewels of God’s creation. I do not think it was a coincidence that the woman was the target of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The devil knew that if he could poison the woman, he could undo God’s work and that is exactly what he wanted and still wants.

As long as women feel guilty, overburdened, suppressed and beaten down, the world cannot be a better place. My sisters, we hold the key to improved families and societies. I want to remind you of what you probably know; you are God’s princess. He cares for you and about you. He does not want you to forget the dignity to which He has called you and my intention with this book is to help you to regain your status as that princess and become a new Eve.

And for you my African sister, this is even more important. Our continent needs her women, the world needs African women. When we step into the greatness that God has designed for us, our societies will thrive; Africa will step into its own greatness and bring its much-needed contribution to the world. Because believe me, I know that even though it might not seem like that right now, the world needs the unique contributions that only Africa can give and it is time to start contributing! God does not make mistakes, we are here for a purpose and we will fulfill that purpose.


Understand who God has called you to be
Learn how to step up boldly for your God-given desires and dreams
Learn how you can truly make an impact in your society both in Africa & abroad
Learn how to care for yourself so that you are fit for purpose
Learn how to nourish your relationships
Learn how to embrace your femininity


Chapter 1. Our Divine Calling

Chapter 2. The African Woman

Chapter 3. The New Eve Confidence for African Woman

Chapter 4. The New Eve Diet: Fit for Purpose

Chapter 5. The New Eve Rhythm: Moving to the African Rhythm

Chapter 6. The New Eve Influence: Let Your Light Shine!

Chapter 7. African Women in Diaspora

Chapter 8. Conclusion

Readers Reviews...

    Toyosi A.

It is fantastic! This kind of book is very timely, it gives a well rounded balance to what women need to know about themselves. 
Day in, day out...we as women are faced with so much pressures just as you have stated. It just seems we are never enough no matter how much we try and being 'African' makes it a little more complicated because society tends to define what freedom/exposure is for us.
This book will give an average woman a breather. Making them realise that its okay not to be perfect as long as they are going in line with God's will and at the same time give them the necessary support they need to forge ahead and be the best they can.
It is well structured, arranged and your ability to research relevantly is superb. It gives me such hope to read on how I can balance my life out without trying to fit into anyone's expectations or societal demands.
It feels good to know that I can be my own woman without apologies. And it gives me an in depth knowledge to what BALANCE is all about. Women need to understand that term called balance. 
Thank you for doing justice to it and thank you for your contribution to humanity especially womanhood.

      Tinuke O.

 Wow! It's a great book. Truly inspirational and empowering! I pray God takes it high and lands it in the hands of we women who need it.

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