Birthing the New African Eve - Preface

This book marks a stage in my life journey. I have often joked that if you want to know what I am thinking about and what thoughts are driving me at any stage of my life, just take a look at my most recent book. Like everyone else, I have been on a journey since the minute I was born but in the past 10 years or so, my journey has taken a different turn. Perhaps, it is part of the legacy of growing older, of being more reflective and more purposeful in what I do, I am not sure. Since I lost my pregnancy in a stillbirth several years ago, my life has literally not been the same. Sometimes, it takes a major event in one’s life (tragedy or not) to really begin to ‘see.’

Since then I have tried to understand more deeply what my calling is, my life destination and perhaps most importantly my legacy and contribution to this world. This is because, as I realised after my stillbirth, my journey is not different from that of most people; if I am going through any particular circumstances, somebody else has done the same or will go through it. I discovered that stillbirths were unfortunately very common. I started to research ways to support or even eliminate medical treatments for healthy pregnancies. That led to me to my qualification as a Holistic Fertility Therapist and my book ‘Becoming a Mum Naturally’.

This is my 4th book and is a progression on what I have written so far as well as my journey to embrace my ‘Africanness’. It’s not that I ever denied it; I am as African as they come but it was just something I took for granted because I have always ‘had’ it. But my journey into becoming the best version of myself (I talked about this too in my 3rd book – The New Eve Fertility Method after a miscarriage and stillbirth), made me realise that this was one part of myself that I had never really considered. How do I become the best version of myself if I do not celebrate my ‘Africanness’? In this book, I will be exploring what it means to be an African woman in the 21st century as well as how to fulfil the special calling God has for African women today.

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