Enhance your experience with Becoming A Mum Naturally Guide

Becoming a Mum Naturally book is full of natural fertility knowledge to help you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. It brings together tested & trusted techniques to resolve common fertility problems like fibroids, PCOS and recurrent miscarriages. It also guides through effective natural ways to support you during pregnancy, labour & childbirth.

This comprehensive guide lays out the proven natural method to improving your chances of conceiving.


Why optimal natural balance is essential for successful conception and pregnancy
Different diets to manage fibroids, PCOS, recurrent miscarriages & unexplained infertility
How to manage stress effectively
How to eat and exercise well during pregnancy
Other natural strategies like massages, acupressure and visualisation techniques
How to prepare for labour & childbirth naturally & with confidence


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Preparing for Conception – The Basics

Chapter 3. Preparing for Conception – Holistic and Natural Strategies

Chapter 4. When There are Problems Conceiving

Chapter 5. Being Pregnant

Chapter 6. Having a Successful Pregnancy – Natural Pregnancy Strategies

Chapter 6. Welcoming Your Baby into the World – Labour and Childbirth

Chapter 6. Motherhood in the Family and in the Society – A Role That Transcends Giving Birth to a child

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