Have a Comfortable Last Trimester During Pregnancy

(even if you can barely see your toes!).

You love your baby, you really do but you are fed up of feeling bloated, tired and lacking sleep. You feel fat, your baby is pushing your ribs and if another person asks you when your baby is going to be here, you are quite sure that you will scream.

There's also the matter of how your baby is going to get here. You have researched all you can on childbirth and what to expect. You've certainly had your fair share of the horror stories about childbirths that have not gone according to plan.

All in all, you are fairly confident woman but this stage of pregnancy has left you feeling a bit overwhelmed and cranky.

It is very normal to feel this way towards the end of your pregnancy but it is also possible to sail through this period with fewer discomforts and even more confidence. This guide will show you how you can boost your energy and alleviate your dscomforts. Having an energetic last trimester goes a long way to prepare you for a great labour and childbirth experience and this guide will help you with that. It will help you:

  • plan your meals for energy and nutrition.
  • choose the best exercises that will boost your energy and alleviate some of your pregnancy discomfort.
  • A selected range of natural and herbal solutions to specific pregnancy problems.

When you sign up for the guide, you will also be sent a link to a baby budget calculator to help you plan for your baby's needs. You can download the guide for free!

Please note that it comes in a pdf format.